Music Institute of Caltanissetta – Contacts

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Higher Institute of Musical Studies “Vincenzo Bellini”
Corso Umberto I° n. 84 – Caltanissetta (CL – Sicily – Italy)
Contact center: 0934 20078 // 0934 26803
Fax: 0934 22998

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Direct telephone numbers

Phone 0934 565256 – E-mail:


Phone 0934 565257 – E-mail:


Managing director
Phone 0934 565598 – E-mail:


Rag.ra Angela Alba
Phone 0934 565598 – E-mail:


Ins. Giuseppa Rita Genova
Phone 0934 565257 – E-mail:

Mr. Carlo Polidoro
Phone 0934 565260 – E-mail:

Mr. Salvatore Ciraolo

Mr. Giosuè Marotta
Mr. Rosario Notaro
Mrs. Francesca Rizza
Phone 0934 20078