Angelo Gioacchino Licalsi – Clarinet teacher

Angelo Gioacchino Licalsi - Clarinet Teacher

Angelo Gioacchino Licalsi – Clarinet Teacher

Clarinettist, he starts studying music under the guidance of his father; he continues his clarinet study with Master Vittorio Luna and in 1990 he gets a first-class diploma, with the honours and the special mention at the Musical Institute “V. Bellini” in Caltanissetta. In the same year he also takes his secondary school diploma with specialisation in teacher training. He has improved his musical skills studying chamber music with Master Kurt Weber, Vincenzo Mariozzi, Franco Ferranti, Ciro Scarponi and Diego Dini Ciacci. He won the first and the second absolute prizes at the VII “Vanna Spatafora” National musical contest in Venetico Superiore; the first absolute prize at the “Tonino Pardo” musical contest in Trapani, at “Benedetto Albanese” musical contest in Caccamo; he also got the first prize at the III and IV musical contest for young musicians in Modica, the XIX “Ama Calabria” musical contest, the National contest “Citta di Barcellona P.G.” and at “Musica Insieme” musical contest in Catania. He qualified as first clarinettist and filled that role at the young Sicilian Orchestra “G. Arnone” of Marineo, at the Theatre of Messina. He also qualified at the Exams Competition for both Aeronautics Army and Customs Officer’s band. He has an intense concert activity as a solo artist as well as with different chamber music groups. He performed with the Trio “D’ance Nisseno” at the Italian Culture Institute in Brussels and won several first prizes in National and International contests. He won the first absolute prize at two editions of the National Contest organised by the FIDAPA of Modica; He was finalist and winner of several special prizes at the “Provincia di Caltanissetta” International Contest of musical execution; he also won the first absolute prize for Chamber Music category and absolute winner of all categories at the “Valle del Barocco” European contest; he obtained the first absolute prize for chamber music category at the II “ANEMOS” International Contest in Rome; he won the first prize for the Chamber Music category at the XXI “A.M.A. Calabria” contest. He is a teacher of clarinet at the “Vincenzo Bellini” Musical Institute of Caltanissetta.

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